Episode 100 – Collector’s Corner 8!


It’s 100 Episodes! And, what better way to mark the occasion than by having my Collector Boys on to talk about upcoming books in Bear Country. Also, a surprise? A surprise.

You can find Bradley’s official list of books at his website, visit Jeremy’s site to discover his amazing music, or join the Collector’s Facebook Group!


Episode 96 – “The Good Deed”/”Hurry to Help!”


Oh, come on! This is the *bare minimum* you can rewrite a book and still call it a rewrite!

I apologize for getting so angry just now.


Episode 90 – The Big Red Kite/Do Their Best!


Kites? Who needs ’em?! Well, the Bears do! They also need God. Or, something. Join me as I try to piece together the Bear Family’s weird kite-based theology.