Episode 107 – The Drug Free Zone!


Joel Torres of the Please Don’t Send Me Into Outer Space podcast joins me to talk about DRUGS! And DRUG ZONES! And BACKWOODS DRUG DISTRIBUTION? It’s a wild weird but pretty nicely done book.


Episode 99 – The New Girl In Town!


This week, I am joined by Jessie Cooper of Alphabet Flight, Turn to Page and Random Sampling as we discuss our first BIG CHAPTER BOOK “The New Girl In Town!” Listeners, this book has got everything. History, romance, racism, war, moaning. Everything.


Episode 68 – The Double Dare!


Mark had to come back to the studio so we could finish up our discussion on John Braden and I managed to keep him around to talk about “The Double Dare!”

See Mark in “Sweet Dreams, Alfie” at the Twin Cities Horror Festival this October!