Episode 54 – Go Out For The Team!


What don’t I know about?! SPORTS! When don’t I know about ’em?! NOW! It’s true, so in order to give this subject its due, I’ve brought along professional sports-knower David Kalan to fill me in on the finer points. We talk baseball rules, sportsmanship and . . . the Catbirds?

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Episode 46 – No Girls Allowed!


Mr. Stuart Wellington of The Flop House and Till Def Do Us Ppardy joins me to discuss “The Berenstain Bears – No Girls Allowed.” Is sister Bear in the wrong here? Can one actually barbecue honeycomb? Is The Bear Country Boys Club an antecessor of Gamergate? Also, if Stuart tells you to stop giggling . . . stop giggling.

You can find Mr. Wellington as the above-linked podcasts or behind the bar at Hinterlands Bar in Brooklyn!

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