Episode 204 – Visit Fun Park!


This week, I’m taking you to a place from my childhood that I DREAD! The amusement park! Learn about why I hate amusement parks, a brief history of amusement parks and, oh right, what happens when the Bear Family visits an amusement park in “The Berenstain Bears Visit Fun Park!”


Episode 154 – The Missing Merit Badges & The Search for Naughty Ned


Ollie is back, my partner in crime from It’s Del Toro Time! and we’re talking about . . . something. What even are these? It’s the first two Merit Badge Mysteries “The Missing Merit Badges” and “The Search for Naughty Ned” and, well, animals talk? Dr. Mr. Wide Old Owl? Naughty Ned? It’s clear we’re in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONTINUITY AGAIN. Oh well.