Episode 183 – The Big Blooper!


This week, we’re bleepin’ and bloopin’ and cursing up a storm! It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Big Blooper!” where Sister Bear cusses a swear!


Episode 182 – The Birds, The Bees and The Berenstain Bears!


This week, we’re talking babies. Where do they come from? How did they get there? How do they GET OUT OF THERE? I’ll tell you . . . I don’t know. But, I found someone who *does* know!

Lindsey Hoskins is the Community Health Educator at Family Tree Clinic, a non-profit community clinic whose mission is “to cultivate a healthy community through comprehensive sexual health care and education.” They are amazing. Check them out. Lindsey addresses the book’s approach to explaining reproduction to children while offering her own informed insights into the matter. It’s a great conversation.



Episode 181 – And Baby Makes Five!


This week, I’m joined by Annette Gagliardi. Annette is an educator, poet and author who lives in the Twin Cities and was my teacher for several years in Early Childhood Family Education. I figured, heck, she knows her business when it comes to kids, so who better to walk us through “The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five?” The book where we finally meet Honey. And then immediately forget about Honey.


Episode 179 – The Big Question!


Here on “Deep In Bear Country” we know that I do like to blather on about topics I have no training in, especially religion! But, I’m breaking with tradition this week by inviting onto the show the Reverend Lauren McLeavey!

Lauren and I talk about “The Berenstain Bears and the Big Question” and . . . what is this question. Well, it’s about God. Capital G God. Sister gets all “asky” about the guy and Mama sets her straight by dragging the family to church. Along the way we talk about church architecture, Quakers and seminary. It’s a roller coaster of a talk! Check it out!


Episode 178 – Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze!

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 3.42.57 PM.png

Do YOU have Beary Bubbies? Well, Brian Skinner, co-host of Predict-O-Cast, sure does. And he’s joined me to discuss Beanie Babies, Toy Crazes and anything else that passes through our old addled brains.


Episode 177 – Lend a Helping Hand!

DIBC-EP177-01.jpgIt’s pretty bold to start an episode by coughing directly into the mic, but that’s the kind of seat-of-your-pants entertainment you can expect from Deep In Bear Country in the New Year!

This week, Elana joins me once again to talk about “The Berenstain Bears Lend a Helping Hand!” Brother and Sister must overcome their extreme apathy to help Miz McGrizz clean out her attic and they must do it with the promise of nothing more than the pleasure of helping others and possibly the acquisition of tens of thousands of dollars in collectibles.


Episode 176 – The Joy of Giving!


And with this, the fourth episode in our Holiday Extravaganza, we *end* our Holiday Extravaganza. And what an ending to go out on “The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving.” This book has it all: pageants, Jesus, presents, malls, Santa, Bearbie. It has everything you could possibly hope for in a Berenstain Bears Christmas book.

And I have everything I could possibly hope for in listeners like you. Merry Holiday everyone!