Episode 152 – The Perfect Crime (Almost)!


This week, Jamie Tyler, author of the “Cowabloga” Ninja Turtles blog, is BACK to talk about the most convoluted, frustrating, fascinating and satisfyingly unsatisfying Big Chapter Book I’ve read in a while: “The Berenstain Bears and the Perfect Crime (Almost)!” Yes, get that parenthetical in there; it’s important. Jamie and I work ourselves up to a fever pitch as nothing makes sense, adds up or resolves in any way resembling logical or even dramatically resonant. It’s amazing. And I love it.


Episode 117 – The Freaky Funhouse!


Brian and Josh – from Predict-O-Cast and . . . another show – actually come INSIDE MY HOUSE and INVADE MY SPACE to talk about “The Berenstain Bears and the Freaky Funhouse!”

Join us as we talk about MURDER! ATTEMPTED MURDER! And . . . Frankenbear’s Monster? Also, the funhouse doesn’t figure into the plot as much as we’d have liked. What’s that chainsaw noise? Just us.


Episode 78 – The Slumber Party!


This week, Caroline Fulford of the Loose Canon Podcast and Shannon Campe of Stage of Fools: the Unofficial Royals Podcast join forces to talk with me about “The Slumber Party!” Is it the greatest party in the history of Bear Country? How old are Queenie and Too-Tall, anyway? And, what’s the point of this book at all? Also, telephones: nature’s menace?

Also, memes: we have them.letsnot

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