Episode 119 – Media Madness!


Jon Biegen and Nick Wood slide on over from Stranger Still to talk about children successfully managing a television station. That’s . . . that’s really all that happens in this book, so – so, lesson learned, I guess.


Episode 113 – The Giddy Grandma!


Welcome to the world of degraded audio! Please bear with this terrible sounding episode, as I flop around trying to talk about “The Giddy Grandma.” Things didn’t work out according to plan, but I think I get my point across.

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Episode 107 – The Drug Free Zone!


Joel Torres of the Please Don’t Send Me Into Outer Space podcast joins me to talk about DRUGS! And DRUG ZONES! And BACKWOODS DRUG DISTRIBUTION? It’s a wild weird but pretty nicely done book.


Episode 57 – The Week at Grandma’s!


What happens when cubs go to Grandma’s and spend the whole trip talking to Grandpa? What if they never actually call them “Grandma” and “Grandpa?” I don’t know! But, I do have Joy Riggs on my show to talk about family! And the importance of getting to know your extended family.

Visit Joy’s blog to learn more about her family and her projects. She’s a fantastic writer and well worth checking out. Also, check out her archive of writings at Minnesota Parent – there’s a lot of great stuff there.

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