Episode 151 – “Too Much Teasing” and “The Love Match!”


Boy oh boy! Milton Chubb! Who is Milton Chubb, you ask? Only the strangest cub introduced in these here books. He’s introduced TWICE actually, in “Too Much Teasing” and in “The Love Match.” Two different formats that tell essentially the same story but in wildly different ways and for wildly different reasons.

To commemorate this event, I’ve brought John McCoy – host of the Sophomore Lit podcast and my co-host on Klickitcast: A Beverly Cleary Podcast – onto the show to try and suss out the point of these two books. Does the first one teach us anything about teasing? Why are Too-Tall and his gang so bad at it? Does Milton have parents, really? Do pigs have armpits? Who knows?! Not us!


Episode 139 – The Haunted Hayride!


Gena Radcliffe – one half of the Kill By Kill Podcast duo – joins me to talk about the decidedly NON-SCARY “The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted Hayride!” There’s no haunting but there IS a hayride although it is very short and they don’t go into a lot of details about it. Still . . . there it is.

Also, you can find Gena’s writing on a ton of different subjects here and I strongly suggest that you do!




























Episode 130 – Christmas Tree COMMENTARY!

MRRRRRR CHZZZZZZMMZZZZZ! Mr. Mark Sweeney is BACK to talk about THE BEATLES and THE BARENAKED LADIES and . . . The Beatles? Also, we’ve got this COMMENTARY TRACK for you but it’s really just the middle part of a JAM PACKED episode of TWO GUYS HANGING OUT.

Here’s the video we used!


Episode 39 – Meet Santa Bear!


I’m all alone and kind of lose it in this one? So, join me, dear listeners, as I delve into the horrors of greed. Also, I promise to never say “Giggly Goo” ever again.

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Episode 19 – The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree


In which we discover the true meaning of Christmas. Or, at least I do. Enjoy!

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Episode 12 – The Berenstain Bears in ‘The Bears’ Almanac’

Man, I just relistened to this episode and I sound reallllllly mellow. Like, really mellow. Anyway, give it a listen! We’re closing out the end of Deep In Bear Country Phase 1 and entering Phase 2! What does that even mean? Well, it means .  . big things. Big things in store. For . . . you. So, buckle up, sonny jim. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Except, not in this episode. This episode is mellow. And, so smooth.

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Episode 8 – The Bears’ Christmas

It’s our first holiday book! And . . . the holiday isn’t really that important a part of it. Okay, it’s barely a part of it at all. Still, it’s a landmark so I’ll take it!

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