Episode 122 – The Humongous Pumpkin!


Just when you thought they couldn’t create YET ANOTHER series for us to follow, we begin the next adventure in chaptered bookery “The Berenstain Bear Scouts!” And, man, are they plumbing the depths of the Saturday Morning TV series for this one. And, you know, that ain’t all bad.

I’m kicking things off with “The Berenstain Bear SCOUTS and the Humongous Pumpkin.” It’s got thrills, chills and PLOTS GALORE! Keep up, friends; things don’t get any easier to follow after this one.


Episode 108 – The Red-Handed Thief!


What a weird book. Kerry Nelson from Random Sampling joins me to talk about the gross violation of trust that occurs at Bear Country School! Also, democracy in action? Maybe?


Episode 73 – The Ghost of the Forest!


Things are getting spooky around here as Erin Sheppard joins me to talk about “The Ghost of the Forest!” Why do we like being scared? What’s the point of safeguarding yourself against danger only to then create your own terrors for fun? Also, things can go one of three ways – which way will they go . . . for you!

Check out Erin’s show “Book of Shadows” at the Twin Cities Horror Festival!

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Episode 5 – The Bear Scouts

DIBC-EP5What happens when Stan and Jan throw three new cubs into the Papa Bear/Small Bear mix? Turns out . . . they don’t end up playing a huge role in the story. Or, making much of a difference. Still, three new cubs! Do they get names? Do they speak lines? Do they evolve into Cousin Freddy? No. No. And, I don’t know. Haven’t gotten there yet. Still. Three new cubs!

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