Episode 194 – Stefanie Eskander


This week, I am joined by toy designer Stefanie Eskander. Stefanie has been a part of the development of so many different toy lines, you wouldn’t even believe it if I told you. That’s why I have her on the show! So you can get it straight from the source! Honestly, Stefanie is incredible and it was an honor to speak with her.

You can find Stefanie’s design work on Instagram and at her personal website!


Episode 179 – The Big Question!


Here on “Deep In Bear Country” we know that I do like to blather on about topics I have no training in, especially religion! But, I’m breaking with tradition this week by inviting onto the show the Reverend Lauren McLeavey!

Lauren and I talk about “The Berenstain Bears and the Big Question” and . . . what is this question. Well, it’s about God. Capital G God. Sister gets all “asky” about the guy and Mama sets her straight by dragging the family to church. Along the way we talk about church architecture, Quakers and seminary. It’s a roller coaster of a talk! Check it out!


Episode 177 – Lend a Helping Hand!

DIBC-EP177-01.jpgIt’s pretty bold to start an episode by coughing directly into the mic, but that’s the kind of seat-of-your-pants entertainment you can expect from Deep In Bear Country in the New Year!

This week, Elana joins me once again to talk about “The Berenstain Bears Lend a Helping Hand!” Brother and Sister must overcome their extreme apathy to help Miz McGrizz clean out her attic and they must do it with the promise of nothing more than the pleasure of helping others and possibly the acquisition of tens of thousands of dollars in collectibles.


Episode 155 – The G-Rex Bones!


This week, I’m joined by Erin Ayers – one half of the Over the Table Top podcast – to discuss a tale of fraud and dinosaurs. It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones!” How far will Ralph go to secure a million dollars? Pretty far! Will he sell out his own personal values and ruin the reputation of a fine upstanding bear like Actual Factual? Sure! Will any of this plot make a lick of sense? Nope!


Episode 152 – The Perfect Crime (Almost)!


This week, Jamie Tyler, author of the “Cowabloga” Ninja Turtles blog, is BACK to talk about the most convoluted, frustrating, fascinating and satisfyingly unsatisfying Big Chapter Book I’ve read in a while: “The Berenstain Bears and the Perfect Crime (Almost)!” Yes, get that parenthetical in there; it’s important. Jamie and I work ourselves up to a fever pitch as nothing makes sense, adds up or resolves in any way resembling logical or even dramatically resonant. It’s amazing. And I love it.


Episode 146 – The Big Date


This week, I’m joined by Emily Bennett of Best Acquaintances to talk about the insidious nature of young jealousy! Like, seriously, it’s a pretty solid book that deals with a pretty serious topic for adolescent kids. I know!