Episode 171 – Get Their Kicks!


As many of you know, I do not tend to follow the vagaries of the sporting life. And so, when it comes to Berenstain Bears books on sports, I’m usually at a loss. Thankfully, I have the ever eager David Kalan on speed-dial to talk about sports while I listen and absorb his knowledge. This week, David joins me to talk about “The Berenstain Bears Get their Kicks” and everything that entails!


Episode 157 – The Green-Eyed Monster!


This week! My dear college friend, writer, director, performer, monologist, cartoonist Brad McEntire joins me to talk about “The Berenstain Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster!” And, boy do we ever talk about it! And, a lot of other things!

Check out Brad’s many projects at his website! He always has a dozen things going on.


Episode 54 – Go Out For The Team!


What don’t I know about?! SPORTS! When don’t I know about ’em?! NOW! It’s true, so in order to give this subject its due, I’ve brought along professional sports-knower David Kalan to fill me in on the finer points. We talk baseball rules, sportsmanship and . . . the Catbirds?

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