Episode 192 – The Real Easter Eggs!


Well, I thought I was going to get into the real meat of Easter – some real Easter Meat, if you will. Ham. I think ham is Easter meat. But, no. Sorry. It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs.”


Episode 191 – Easter Surprise!


This week, I begin looking at Easter and its presence in Bear Country. Specifically, I finally get around to the 1981 special and the book it inspired.


Episode 190 – The Haunted Lighthouse!


This week, we’re going to the shore and exploring a haunted lighthouse! Haunted by ghosts? More like HAUNTED BY HISTORRRRYYYYYY! It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted Lighthouse!”


Episode 186 – Think of Those In Need (redux)!


I’m back with a response to the reactions to last week’s episode “The Berenstain Bears Think of Those In Need.” The conversation I had with my guest pushed some buttons, and I thought I’d take a moment to address some of the comments I received. Also, I take a look at the Nelvana episode inspired by the book that seems to have heard our episode somehow in the future and taken all of our advice! It’s weird!