Episode 191 – Easter Surprise!


This week, I begin looking at Easter and its presence in Bear Country. Specifically, I finally get around to the 1981 special and the book it inspired.


Episode 190 – The Haunted Lighthouse!


This week, we’re going to the shore and exploring a haunted lighthouse! Haunted by ghosts? More like HAUNTED BY HISTORRRRYYYYYY! It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Haunted Lighthouse!”


Episode 186 – Think of Those In Need (redux)!


I’m back with a response to the reactions to last week’s episode “The Berenstain Bears Think of Those In Need.” The conversation I had with my guest pushed some buttons, and I thought I’d take a moment to address some of the comments I received. Also, I take a look at the Nelvana episode inspired by the book that seems to have heard our episode somehow in the future and taken all of our advice! It’s weird!


Episode 185 – Think of Those In Need


Man, those bears just won’t stop cleaning house! In this, our THIRD book about the Bear Family either getting rid of junk or helping people out, we finally see the culmination of all these ideas. It’s “The Berenstain Bears Think of Those In Need!” and to walk us through the bears’ actions and attitudes, I have on the show my friend Community Health Organizer and Advocate JoAnna Lund! JoAnna has a lot of strong thoughts about what Mama considers “thinking” and “those” and “need” and we really hash it out. It’s a good one, people!