Episode 97 – Pet Show!


  1. The Bear Family had a skunk for a neighbor.
  2. In “Pet Show” a skunk has been surgically altered and turned into a pet.
  3. Bear Country is horrifying.

One thought on “Episode 97 – Pet Show!

  1. Interesting episode; I love this book purely because I’m so animal-obsessed, and the Berenstains’ illustrations always mattered more to me than the story/writing. I also didn’t have the Neighborly Skunk book, so I never really considered that whole conundrum. I suppose Bear Country must have a race of “anthro” skunks who are “people” like the bears, and then…”regular” skunks who don’t talk and are just like our skunks. :p Kinda like the race of anthro dog-people to whom Goofy belongs, vs. regular pet dogs like Pluto. Even though the ability of non-anthro dogs to “speak Human” varies from one story to another depending upon its needs. Still, the differentiation (if there is one) is totally unclear here, and indeed quite disturbing. Like ponies apparently owning/farming/herding cows (who are also English-speaking human equivalents) in My Little Pony…o.O
    Sadly I’ve never known a community pet show to actually be a thing…charity dog walks and such, yes, but not a pet show. As a kid I did want to organize one, or a big town dog-Agility-training party or something, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. As such great ideas usually don’t. ;p
    I’ve always pronounced Dachsie “Docks-ee,” but maybe “Dash-hound” and “Dash-ee” are southern things; not sure, I grew up in the northeast! But yes, Siamese is definitely still the name of that cat breed. xD

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