Episode 76 – Trouble With Pets!



Do you own a pet? I know I don’t! So, I’m in no way qualified to talk about them. Fortunately, Abby Hartman of “It’s Training Cats and Dogs” is here to fill me in on pet ownership, pet responsibility and whether or not the Bear Family is ready to take the plunge! I’m guessing . . . not?


2 thoughts on “Episode 76 – Trouble With Pets!

  1. Terrific ep; I’ve always been an absolute nut for dogs. Obsessed with breeds and dog shows/sports from a young age. I’ve never not had at least two as family pets. However, in earlier years, we did have some outdoor ones who were most definitely family members…they lived quite comfortably in the fenced yard that was their domain, complete with warm doghouses or shed. It was always my parents’ decision to make, but they determined based on their temperaments, habits, and backgrounds that those dogs were as or probably more comfortable outdoors (and their breeds meant that they were limited as to where they could go inside, if they were ever in there at all, in terms of extreme drooling and shedding.) Of course, not everyone can provide a large, safe enclosed safe with protection from the elements. (Only rarely did the winter get so bad that we had set the dogs up in the garage instead.)

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    • So interesting! I’ve never met anyone who refers to their outdoor pets as family (but children always do regardless). I’ve decided to start a little anthropological study about the relationship between people and pets. I’d love to include you in the study, which involves a survey. Let me know if you’re interested: abby.m.hartman@gmail.com. Thanks!

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