Episode 73 – The Ghost of the Forest!


Things are getting spooky around here as Erin Sheppard joins me to talk about “The Ghost of the Forest!” Why do we like being scared? What’s the point of safeguarding yourself against danger only to then create your own terrors for fun? Also, things can go one of three ways – which way will they go . . . for you!

Check out Erin’s show “Book of Shadows” at the Twin Cities Horror Festival!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 73 – The Ghost of the Forest!

  1. Turkey insults aside (lol), that was excellent! ^^ A very profound, scholarly episode analyzing yet another great Bears book and the themes inherent therein. Although, even as a kid I rejected Jane’s hardline stance against the possibility of ghosts. One should always be skeptical of claims, but I know I’ve experienced too many “normal”-defying phenomena to *not* believe in the paranormal. And the Scary Stories trilogy is a cherished favorite of mine; just recently I bought a tank top with a collage of Gammell’s terrifying illustrations all over it. I look forward to walking around scarring or re-scarring people for life, but will have to be careful about looking down…xD
    Hope we can look forward to “Spooky Old House” soon, too! :]


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