Episode 51 – Learn About Strangers Part 1


Here in Bear Country, I try to keep things light. But then along comes a book that requires a slightly more serious approach to the subject matter. “The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers” is notorious among kids of the Eighties for inspiring the very fear it’s supposed to counteract. A confusing mishmash of messages, “Strangers” represents a moment in American pop-cultural history/hysteria that sits well beyond my own abilities to address.

So, I’ve brought in an expert. Alison Feigh, Program Manager of the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, joins me to discuss the misconception perpetuated by books like “Learn About Strangers.” She addresses the very problem with the concept of “the stranger” and why we should actually teach children how to talk to strangers.

For more information on the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, you can visit their website and view a segment filmed for “Our Issues Twin Cities.”

Discussing these issues with your kids can be challenging, so the JWRC offers tips on how to have a Family Safety Night.

More JWRC resources:

Tips on Personal Safety
Online Safety
Recommended Reading (including books for young children, teens and adults)

If you have questions, please contact the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center at 800-325-HOPE.

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