Episode 42 – Berenstain Bear Country?


This week, I’m joined by Mark Sweeney – local performer, writer and gad-about – who actually worked at Berenstain Bear Country HOLY MOLY! He spills the beans and fills the dirt on what it was like to be one of Papa Bear’s earthly avatars.

Take a look! I found these pictures on the internet!

And, here are the pictures provided by Bradley Mariska!


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2 thoughts on “Episode 42 – Berenstain Bear Country?

  1. I came across this while trying to Google something else. It totally took me back to my career as a Berenstain Bear at Valleyfair in 1996. Yes, I can still sing the theme song and possibly act out my show the Berenstain Bears Forget their Manners. I do have a VHS tape of my show and should digitize and upload.

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