Episode 38 – The Neighborly Skunk!


When is a skunk not a skunk? When it’s a stand-in for PREJUDICE! This week, Brandi Brown of Brandi and Bill talk about Blaxploitation (among MANY OTHER THINGS) joins me to discuss a book that is short of pages but long on social commentary. Where did all the non-bear animals in Bear Country go? If different bears are different races, what are different species? Should Mama Bear change her clothes to go camping? All this . . . and more!

Don’t forget, Brandi will be at the Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis Tuesday, Feb. 23 through Saturday, Feb. 27. And, she’ll be on the Gilmore Guys podcast live show March 5 at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.

Here’s a link to Brandi’s coverage of “The Berenstain Bears Lost in Cyberspace.”

Brandi’s blog can be found here.

As always, our official Facebook page is on Facebook. You can holla at me on Twitter. And, please please please rate and review the show on iTunes.


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