Berenstain Bears Book Collection – Complete Bibliography – List of Berenstain Bears Books, 2015 update

If you don’t see this collection as a thing of beauty, you need to spend more time in Bear Country!

Berenstain Bears Bibliography & Blog

Copyright (c) Bradley Mariska 2015
Last updated on June 7, 2015

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Complete List of Berenstain Bears Books
Authored by Stan, Jan, and Mike Berenstain
Also including a complete bibliography of non-bear books by Stan and Jan Berenstain, Mike Berenstain, and Leo Berenstain


baby bears - bathtimeBaby Bears Series (Random House)

My New Bed: From Crib to Bed (1999)
My Potty and I: A Friend In Need (1999)
My Trusty Car Seat: Buckling Up For Safety (1999)
Pacifier Days: A Fond Farewell (1999)
It’s Bathtime (2000) [bath book]
Me First, Me First: Coping on the Playground (2000)
My Every Day Book: A Day in the Life (2000)
Say Night Night (2000) [cuddle cloth book]

bear facts - science fairBear Facts Library (Random House)
Bears Almanac, The (1973)
Nature Guide: A Nature Walk Through Bear Country (1975)
Science Fair (1977)

Science and Nature Super Treasury…

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