Episode 87 – The Super Duper Market!


Well, this was poorly thought out. Mitzi and I go to a large supermarket to test the theories put forward in this week’s book. Turns out . . . they were right. There are things in a supermarket.


Episode 86 – Four Seasons!


No, I’m not interviewing Frankie Valli; I’m – wait . . . okay, he’s still alive – I’m not interviewing Frankie Valli; I’m REviewing the book “The Berenstain Bears and the Four Seasons.” Or . . . “The Berenstain Bears’ Four Seasons?” Something. I’m too tired to look it up. Oh, and Mitzi is here again.


Episode 84 – Too Much Vaca(tion)!


Hey guess what I DON’T LIKE THIS BOOK. That’s unfair. That’s unfair to YOU. That’s unfair to ME. That’s. Un. Fair. So. I brought on a friend and VACATION EXPERT – Carrie Keuhl – to talk VACAs with me. We’re talking VACAs. We’re talking . . . I don’t go on VACAs. Can’t afford ’em.

You can find Carrie’s company Moucecierge online. Check it OUT!


Episode 83 – Collector’s Corner 6!


Bradley and Jeremy are BACK to talk QUESTRON! What is QUESTRON?! A fantastical robot from the future come to educate our children and make our technological dreams come true?! Or, a plastic barcode reader? Probably the barcode reader.

You can find Bradley’s official list of books at his website, visit Jeremy’s site to discover his amazing music, or join the Collector’s Facebook Group!

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