Episode 199 – The Papa’s Day Surprise!


This week, it’s Father’s Day and I brought on a father very near and dear to my heart: Mark Sweeney! He’s back, y’all and he’s ready to talk about Papa’s weird obsession with not celebrating Father’s Day. Enjoy it.


Episode 197 – Live Show HOT WASH!

phil poster sneak (1).png

Boy oh boy, are you ever tired of hearing about the live show? I know! Well, this is it, folks. I’ve asked Elana and Mark back on the show to talk about how they felt the show went, to discuss the process and to play you a few clips! Courtesy of Mr. Bradley Mariska!


Episode 194 – Stefanie Eskander


This week, I am joined by toy designer Stefanie Eskander. Stefanie has been a part of the development of so many different toy lines, you wouldn’t even believe it if I told you. That’s why I have her on the show! So you can get it straight from the source! Honestly, Stefanie is incredible and it was an honor to speak with her.

You can find Stefanie’s design work on Instagram and at her personal website!