Episode 98 – Collectors Corner 7!


My collectors are BACK and they’ve brought with them . . . nothing. Nothing at all. This episode is a special “free form” episode where anything brought to the table comes out of *us* and our IMAGINATIONS. Trust me, it works.

You can find Bradley’s official list of books at his website, visit Jeremy’s site to discover his amazing music, or join the Collector’s Facebook Group!


Episode 97 – Pet Show!


  1. The Bear Family had a skunk for a neighbor.
  2. In “Pet Show” a skunk has been surgically altered and turned into a pet.
  3. Bear Country is horrifying.

Episode 96 – “The Good Deed”/”Hurry to Help!”


Oh, come on! This is the *bare minimum* you can rewrite a book and still call it a rewrite!

I apologize for getting so angry just now.