Episode 228 – Nothing to Do/Visit Farmer Ben


In this episode, I’m sick! And talking about Cub Club Books! This week, I’m taking a cold hard look at two books that may, in fact, form the beginnings of a trilogy that we discussed the ending of last week! That’s right, “Nothing to Do” and “Visit Farmer Ben” would seem to set up the events in “The Summer Job” by establishing that the Cubs are bored and… and… sorry I fell asleep typing this. Anyway, books.



Episode 227 – The Summer Job!

DIBC-EP227-01.jpgIn a time when it is neither summer nor job I take a look at the story of the Cubs getting railroaded into working for a farmer, maybe for free(?!?). It’s “The Berenstain Bears and the Summer Job!”


Episode 225 – In the Wax Museum!


When is a mystery *not* a mystery? When nothing mysterious happens! “The Berenstain Bears IN the Wax Museum” acts like a mystery, but it’s really a community drama about zoning ordinances. It makes a lot of promises it can’t keep and sets up plot points that melt like the wax in Madame Bearsaud’s statues, but I don’t care because KACIE GALYON is back to help me get through it! Welcome back to the show, Kacie!


Episode 224 – The Hiccup Cure!


*Hic* Kill me *Hic* Kill me *Hic* Kill me

This week, Ollie – my child and co-host of It’s Del Toro Time – joins me to talk about the Cub Club book “The Berenstain Bears and the Hiccup Cure!” Papa gets hiccups and… that’s about it. It’s a short one!


Episode 223 – Go Hollywood!


I’ve been alone so long! This week, I bring back two things that this show desperately needed: the Big Chapter Books and A GUEST! Yes, I am joined by author and screenwriter Mark Wheaton, the author of “Emily Eternal” and the Luis Chavez Mysteries. He’s here to help me pick apart a book about… filmmaking? The Hollywood machine? Cecil B. DeMille? It’s a mess; but a FUN mess!



Image result for bigpaw

FOUR YEARS AGO (!!!!!!!!) I had Bradley and Jeremy on the show to talk about “The Berenstain Bears Meet Bigpaw – the Bears’ Thanksgiving special from 1980. Well, I’m BUSY so here’s this week’s show! It’s a RERUN!